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my house elf

I saw the movie Harry Potter and I just had to have a house elf for myself. I went right to work got out the pencil and paper and started drawing the pattern.

I wanted the look of toenails and fingernails so I experimented with ways to make them. I think I did a good job.

He doesnt have a name yet but he is enjoying his new clothes. I put him right to work gave him a broom and he was happy to oblige. I hear that if you give a house elf clothes that it gives him his freedom. He was so proud to be able to help and to play with my lil dog Abby that he told me he would stay....at least until I give him a name. No buddy you are NOT going on the auction block. I love you too much.

Porch Sitter

I like to make life sized dolls to sit on my porch and watch the traffic pass. My old one sat out there 3 years. I changed her clothes to fit the season or holiday. Finally she got waterlogged and mildewed to badly to dress. I made this new Belly Dancer to see what kind of remarks I would get.
She is nearly 6ft tall. Features are exaggerated so to be seen from the highway. I had a most difficult time getting her from the sewing room to the living room for photographing. Should have seen me wheeling thru the narrow hallway in my chair with a doll larger than I am (I am under 5ft. tall) in my lap couldnt see around her, little dog under wheels wanting in lap too for a ride and I didnt want to run over her LOL. Finally got her in the living room and man is she heavy!!! Bet she weighs 80 pounds thats heavy to me trying to set her up while sitting down LOL.
Anyways here she is all comments good and bad appreciated.

my new dolls

This is Bahiti she is 3 months old. Her mother is a Nubian princess and he father is a Celtic warrior. Bahiti means "fortune" I hope she will bring fortune to the home in which she finally abides.
She is life-sized baby wearing a size 3-6 month dress and baby booties. She sits without support she cant not be positioned. She has a antique heart necklace. Her hair is yarn and permanently, styled. I really had a good time designing and creating her.

a couple of my newest painted totes

I just painted on a pre made tote. I am doing a series of Native American painted totes to take to the local trading post to sell. I really hate to leave them there I hate selling anything I make LOL I get too attached.

tote bag frenzie

I really need to start doing something else. This is more like a beach bag its about 36 inches across!! I made it from my own pattern completely from scratch.

I have another tote finished that I just painted a purchased tote but havent gotten the photos yet.

new tote bag

I just finished this huge tote bag its about 24/24 I made this from my own design and sketches. I really like this one but I want to do one in solid white.

Finished Frog Prince Marionette

I finished my marionette. He is jointed at the neck, shoulder, elbows,wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Strings are attached at wrists and head and knees. I didnt do the complicated strings since he is my first and is so large. He is 4 ft tall and wears little boys clothes. I got his 3 pieced suit and shirt at a thrift shop it looked like new and just fit. I am proud of him.

frog marionette

I have been working on my first ever marionette. This frog prince is over 3 foot tall he kind of took on a life of his own I didnt mean for him to be this large. I started from pencil to paper the design alone took 3 hours. I have about 20 hours in him. He is only half finished. He is wearing his crown but he is waiting for the right lady to come along and kiss him to turn him into the prince he was meant to be. I havent even started the design of his clothes yet. I have the materials laid out and soon he will be the well dressed frog prince.

another tote

I am having way too much fun. I should find an outlet for these totes before they take over my room LOL.

a commissioned tote

a lady requested this tote for her daughter that takes ballet lessons.